May 6 in Solothurn / Switzerland

Physically, we are not slaves. However, in our spirit or soul, we might think like slaves. That kind of thinking blocks us from possessing our birthright.

Seminar with Arthur Burk
From Slavery to Sonship

Hotel Ramada Solothurn (5 min. walk from train station)
Schänzlistrasse 5 | CH-4500 Solothurn

Zeit: 9:00h – 17:00h | Cost 80 CHF
Registration: closes April 27. No registration at the door.

When Israel came out of Egypt, they were completely free from slavery. Their former bosses were dead and the army was destroyed. Nonetheless, that generation failed to possess their birthright because of the spirit of slavery that was so deeply embedded in them.

Fundamentally, slaves know how to obey and sons know how to create. Ironically, slaves eventually fail to obey because the project in front of them requires creativity and they cannot solve the problem, so they disobey. This is what happened to Israel when it came time to possess the land. Lack of problem solving skills caused them to default to fear, then disobedience.

This seminar will specifically explore how we can grow in our thinking processes to become the kinds of problem solvers that can possess their birthright. Creativity is not the domain of a few artists and musicians. It is the calling of all God’s people, and the tools do exist for us to train our spirit to see the way forward through God’s eyes.