May 20 in St. Gallen / Switzerland

Most people discover emotional and physical intimacy through the ordinary stuff of life. Spiritual intimacy does not come as easily. This seminar is designed to give you tools.

Seminar with Arthur Burk
Accessing Intimacy with God

Fachhochschule FHS St. Gallen (next to train station)
Rosenbergstr. 59 | CH-9001 St. Gallen

Zeit: 9:00AM – 5:00PM | Cost 80 CHF
Registration closes May 6. No registration at the door.

The greatest consequence of the fall of Adam and Eve is that the intimacy that came so naturally to them, is a challenge for us to achieve.

Our physical drives usually lead us to some level of physical intimacy. And our natural need for community leads most people to a relationship or two that has some degree of intimacy involved.

Intimacy with God is broadly seen as a specialty item that is achieved by the favored few.

Admittedly, there are those who seem to be naturally adept at engaging with God in an intimate fashion. The things they do seem unique to them and don’t produce the same results in us.

Therefore, we have to turn to the principles that govern intimacy in order to make a pathway for ourselves. There is no standard formula that works for everyone. But when you have the principles, you can craft your own pathway forward.